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Australian rules football is the most popular sport in South Australia. The state has the highest participation rate of people taking part in Australian Football, with over 2.2% of the population aged 18 years and over participating in the sport [7]. South Australia fields 2 teams, the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power in the Australian Football League national competition. The Adelaide Crows have a membership base of 50,000 [8], higher than any of the other 15 teams in the competition. Both teams regularly draw large crowds. The South Australian National Football League, which owns the dedicated Australian Football stadium AAMI Stadium, is a popular local league comprising nine teams. Cricket is also a popular sport in the state. South Australia's soccer team in the new A-League is Adelaide United. Basketball also has a big following in South Australia with the Adelaide 36ers playing out an 8,000 seat stadium in Findon and winning 4 championships in the last 20 years in the National Basketball League. South Australia also has a cricket team, the Southern Redbacks, who play at Adelaide Oval in North Adelaide during the summer; however they have not won a title since 1996. The Redbacks currently have four players who hold a contract with Cricket Australia.

Education is compulsory for all children until the age of 16, however, the majority of students stay on to complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). School education is the responsibility of the South Australian government, but the public and private education systems are funded jointly by it and the Commonwealth Government. The South Australian Government provides 89 percent of the total Government funding while the Commonwealth contributes 11 percent. 58 percent of Commonwealth funding goes to non-government schools

From January 1, 2009, the school leaving age will be raised to 17.

There are three universities in South Australia: University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of South Australia. All are based in Adelaide, although the University of South Australia also has campuses in Whyalla and Mount Gambier. [5] Carnegie Mellon University "Entertainment Technology Center" has a campus in Adelaide.

Tertiary vocational education is provided by TAFE South Australia colleges throughout the state.

The form of the Government of South Australia is prescribed in its Constitution, which dates from 1856, although it has been amended many times since then. Since 1901 South Australia has been a state of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Australian Constitution regulates its relationship with the Commonwealth.

Under the Australian Constitution, South Australia ceded certain legislative and judicial powers to the Commonwealth, but retained complete independence in all other areas. In practice, however, the independence of the Australian states has been greatly eroded by the increasing financial domination of the Commonwealth.

South Australia is governed according to the principles of the Westminister system, a form of parliamentary government based on the model of the United Kingdom. Legislative power rests with the Parliament of South Australia, which consists of the Crown, represented by the Governor of South Australia, and the two Houses, the South Australian Legislative Council and the South Australian House of Assembly, with legislative elections held every four years.

Executive power rests formally with the Executive Council, which consists of the Governor and senior ministers. In practice executive power is exercised by the Premier of South Australia and the Cabinet, who are appointed by the Governor, but who hold office by virtue of their ability to command the support of a majority of members of the House of Assembly.

Judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court of South Australia and a system of subordinate courts, but the High Court of Australia and other federal courts have overriding jurisdiction on matters which fall under the ambit of the Australian Constitution.

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